With many thanks to Bonnie Tamkin

for her willingness to round up all these elusive dates, and put them in one place )))

Events and Important Deadlines 2017/2018

Ongoing: Register or renew your membership with Odyssey of the Mind International (odysseyofthemind.com/p/join/).

Sept. 23: Coaches Training, Oak Park Unified

Sept. 30: Coaches Training, Pennekamp Elementary

Oct. 14: Coaches Training, San Jose Magnet Elementary

Oct. 23: Coaches Training, Lang Ranch Elementary

Nov. 18: Coaches Training, Thousand Oaks High School. 11am-2pm

Nov. 18: Deadline for 2018 Regional Logo Contest submissions (6:00pm)

Nov. 18: Deadline to register for Spont Day

Dec. 3: Spont Day at Wise School 11:00am – 3:30pm

the week of December 10th: the person who registered your team’s membership number on the national site will receive an email with a detailed team walkthrough that can guide you through the process of registering your team for the tournament. To that goal, links will be provided wherever possible. A post to the mail group will be your notification that the walkthrough is available. It will also be available on this site.

Jan. 7: Deadline: your team must be registered (that’s one part of the walkthrough) and its regional fee paid by this date to avoid the $25 late fee for tournament registration.

Jan. 21: LAST DAY to register for the LA Basin Regional Tournament and/or pay the registration fee +penalty

Jan 30: Deadline to order and purchase “Words of Encouragement” signs at regular prices

Feb. 10: LAST DAY to order and purchase LA Basin Regional Tournament t-shirts

Feb. 10: LAST DAY to order and purchase “Words of Encouragement” signs with late order surcharge

Feb. 10: LAST DAY for Judge’s registration. (this, too, is a part of the team registration walkthrough)

Feb. 17: Judges Training at Village Glen School

Feb. 24: LA Basin Regional Tournament at Westlake High School

March 24: California State Tournament at UC Riverside