To all you wonderful coaches,

Here is a comprehensive WalkThrough that details all the requirements for registering your team to participate in this year’s regional tournament.  If you use it as a check list, it will hopefully guide you through the steps without undo frustration, making you aware of deadlines and the like.

Unfortunately it’s rarely 100% successful for everybody. So if you end up with questions after reading the WalkThrough and you aren’t already a member of the mail group (shame on you!!), please subscribe and ask your questions there.

The WalkThrough (or download the PDF copy!)

The Los Angeles Basin Regional Tournament
Saturday, February 24, 2018
Westlake High School, 100 N. Lakeview Canyon Road Westlake Village, CA 91362

Below you will find the necessary information that you need for each of the 4 steps you must complete (and 1 we ask you to consider) in order for your team to participate at our Regional Tournament.

STEP 1. ONLINE TEAM REGISTRATION (online team registration will be open from mid-December through January 7, 2018 without penalty.  It will remain open through January 21, 2018, with a late fee)

Before you begin, take a moment and double check to be sure you have the following information.

  • Your school/sponsor’s Name and Membership Number
  • Your school/sponsor’s address including City, State and Zip
  • Your co-ordinator’s email address (if your school has one)
  • The Problem and Division of your team’s Long Term Problem.
  • Coach’s name
    • Coach’s address including City, State and Zip Code
    • Coach’s best contact Phone Number
    • Coach’s E-mail Address
  • The number of Team Members
  • Your team members’ First and Last Names
  • Their Grade in school
  • The School they attend
  • In the “Schedule” box, tell us any conflicts you’d like us to be aware of (these might include long travel time, a team member who is performing in more than one problem, if you are coaching any other teams, siblings that are on other teams, or time constraints imposed by non-tournament events). As much as possible, items listed in this schedule box will be reflected in the tournament schedule. Scheduling issues brought to our attention after the close of registration on January 21. 2018 will not be given the same consideration.
  • Similarly, use the “Disability” box for any health or access issues you want us to know about.

When you have this information ready, go to

Log in to your Member Area with your membership number and it’s zip code. Click “Register a Team” to begin, making sure to select “LA Basin Regional Tournament” from the drop down menu.


After you’ve filled in the form, you will be asked to verify your email address.

Make sure to click “Submit” when you’re done!!!

When you’ve completed STEP 1, you will be redirected to the “Pay Your Registration Fee” page on our regional website. You will also find confirmation of the team’s registration in the Coach’s email box you provided on the team registration form.


The tournament registration fee is $70 PER TEAM. Team registration and payment of this fee is due by January 7, 2018. Teams that are registered and/or fees that are paid after this date will pay $95 PER TEAM.

The state fee is $75 PER MEMBERSHIP NUMBER. (Membership numbers with multiple teams pay this fee ONE time) The state fee can be paid online at Memberships with unpaid state fees will be reminded (aka “nagged”) by the region as often as the state reminds us (usually once a week, starting in January). If you are NOT being nagged, then the fee has been paid.


Every participating team at the regional tournament must provide a volunteer judge. There is more information about volunteering to judge here.

Judges can register at this link:


Personal contact information and a t-shirt size are required on the registration form. Please give your judge the teams information (membership number, sponsor’s name, problem and division) as well, so they can fill out the part of their registration form that says “Are you representing a team?”. It’s the only way we have of knowing if the team’s judging requirement has been met.


All judges must attend a training on February 17, 2018.

Your team’s judge will not see your team’s performance.

Judges registration will be open until February 10, 2018


A volunteer who does not show up to training cannot judge. A trained judge who shows up late on tournament day cannot judge. A volunteer who is registered to represent a team as a judge and cannot fulfill this commitment will subject that team to a 10 point penalty.


This is NOT a requirement, but……

We’re all volunteers. And it’s too big of a tournament to run without some help. We need someone in your teams entourage to join us for two hours on tournament day and keep things running smoothly. You must be at least 16 years old, have basic communication skills, and be glad we offered you this opprotunity to do something.  There is a sign up form. All your volunteer has to do is provide some basic information and show up at the right place and the right time. Volunteers WILL be able to see the performance of the team they represent.


Each coach will turn in the media release forms when they check in at the tournament. It is one form (OPT IN or OPT OUT) for each coach, and one for each team member (signed by a parent or guardian, if the child is under 18). OPT IN grants us permission to take pictures and use them on our social media and website pages. OPT OUT does not.



When you are in our store paying your team’s regional registration fee, considering ordering our 2018 Regional T-shirt and/or a “Sign of Encouragement”. These are our two fundraisers for the year, and a great way to remember and support the regional tournament. Pre-ordering is the only way to get your Sign of Encouragement placed on campus during the tournament, and pre-ordering will insure that you get the quantity and sizes of T-shirts that you want.

If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail

All the best,

Bob Anderson, your Regional Director.