Spont Day 2019 will be Sunday, December 8th, 11am-3:30pm in Katz Pavillion. Once again this year we are grateful for the generosity of Wise School, our hosts for this event. Space is limited to 45 teams and registrations will be accepted on a first come basis. The deadline for registrations is November 9th. If you’re new to Spont Day…welcome!!. More details will be provided, but for now it goes like this:

You will receive a Spontaneous problem via email sometime before November 24th. The coach or whomever will be running the problem on Spont Day are expected to practice this problem with your team during the week leading up to the event. Several times if necessary. The idea is to become familiar with it, as you will be assessing 8 team’s solutions to it on December 8th:

Your “cost of admission” is

  • To provide the materials to run your problem for 8 different teams…the materials are relatively inexpensive.

  • To provide an adult to run the problem at Spont Day 8 times and provide feedback to those 8 different teams: ideally, this person is the coach, but there are some circumstances where the coach may need to delegate the responsibility.

  • If you are coaching more than one team, each team must register separately, and you are responsible to provide one adult to run the problem at the event for each registered team

Your team’s parents are invited, too.  The first half of the event, they will attend parent workshops designed to provide both some experience solving Spontaneous problems and a discussion of a parent’s role in the program.

It is an educational and engaging afternoon, and a great place to immerse yourself in the Spontaneous portion of this program.

Coaches, please make sure you and your team are committed to attending PRIOR to registering.  Each year we end up turning teams away as we run out of room, and when Spont Day rolls around we have a team or two that do not show.  No Shows create a gap for teams that are participating, and it means that a spot was taken that another team that would have shown up might have missed out.  If you register and something comes up – please let us know as soon as possible – we will keep a waitlist of teams this year and notify them in order of registration if someone has cancelled.  Also new this year – priority registration for ‘new’ teams.  We are considering teams to be new if this is their first or second year participating in Odyssey of the Mind..  

Priority Registration for Spont Day will open October 7th for first- and second-year teams only. 

General Registration for Spont Day will open October 14th for all teams. 

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