What to Expect When You’re Competing

LA Basin Regional Tournament
Saturday, February 27th
San Marino High School: 2701 Huntington Drive, San Marino, CA 91108

The Regional Tournament is an all-day affair.  More than 100 teams will come together to present their solutions and celebrate a year of hard work and creativity.  So even if your team’s the first to perform and you’re done with Spont by 10:00am, there’s plenty to see!

Here’s a rough timeline for the day.
Check-in: opens at 7am
Competition: 7:45am – 4:30pm
Spirit Stick Event: 4:30 – 5:30pm
Awards Ceremony: 5:30 – 7:00pm
(The official schedule will be posted here by February 22nd.)

Each team will be assigned two competition times: one for Long Term and one for Spontaneous.

20 minutes before your team’s scheduled Long Term, they should report to the Staging Area of their problem’s competition site (in costume and with all their sets, props and paperwork ready to go).  Coaches may accompany teams to the Staging Area, but this is when parents should head inside and take their seats.

The Spont building, on the other hand, is a top-secret, team-only space.  No parents or coaches are allowed inside.  Your team should report for Spont 20 minutes before their scheduled competition time. Once a team checks in, they’ll be escorted to a waiting area until their judges are ready for them.  Remember, everything about Spont is highly confidential, so teams aren’t allowed to discuss the problems, even with their parents or coaches.

When your team’s not competing, we hope they’ll make the most of the day and see as many skits as time allows.  It’s a great way to learn about the other problems and support their fellow teams.

Groups may pack a picnic lunch, or food will be available for purchase on and just off campus.  Around 4:30, teams will gather for our annual Spirit Stick event.  This is meant for the students, but parents and coaches are welcome to attend as well.  Once the Spirit Stick has been passed, teams should report to the auditorium for the Awards Ceremony.  Depending on the time needed to tabulate scores, this will start around 5:30 and last 60-90 minutes.

Before the tournament you should…

  • Have each parent complete a media release form.  You’ll exchange these at the check-in table for your team’s shirts, pins and programs.
  • Ask your team if all their paperwork is done.  (Refer them to section H of their long term problem…all those forms will collected when they report to the Staging Area at their competition site.)
  • Be sure that your team’s entourage knows the problem they’re competing in and their division.  This will be the easiest way to find them at the competition.
  • Prevent Outside Assistance!  OA can happen before and at the tournament.  Communicate to parents that assembling backdrops, repairing costumes, and applying makeup are all forms of OA.
  • Download our app, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  When you or your team post online, use the hashtag #LAOMERS2016.
  • And last but certainly not least…get ready to HAVE FUN!!

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Pre-sales Extended!

Still want to place a Words of Encouragement ad in our Regional program?  Haven’t had time to order programs or t-shirts?  Not to worry — there’s still time!

Through Saturday, February 13th, you can pre-order t-shirts, programs and buy space in the program to personally congratulate your team.  Visit our Store this week for details!

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